Marco Gualdoni

About me

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

- Edward Steichen 

My journey, shaped by years of photographic practice primarily focused on nature, landscape, and architecture, has culminated in a fascination to capture the multifaceted nature of masculinity through intimate portraits and a focus on the male body details. In my work I strive to capture the very essence of each subject, particularly intrigued by exposing their vulnerable sides, but always careful to protect them from a sexualized gaze.

My portraits are rarely the outcome of a fleeting encounter, but rather the result of an intimate dialogue I build with each model, striving to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere in which everyone feels empowered to express their authentic self.

My recent explorations incited me to delve more into the richness of the male body form and its interaction with the surrounding world. Occasionally, the represented body incorporates a harmonious blend of organic entities and sculptural elements. Every curve, angle, and line of the body becomes a fundamental component of the overall image, akin to elements found in architecture or works of art. 

Ultimately, I’d like my work to assess the vast nuances of masculinity, and how it is the fragile and vulnerable manifestation of the ongoing discourse between context and anatomy.



For inquiries, collaboration, and any other information, you can contact me directly by email, phone or sending a direct message using the form below.

mobile: +39 378 081 4588


Instagram: @marcogualdoni_